RIGHT - crunch time!I hope you are all studying like crazy now. This should help:

Paper 1:

 (This teacher has a fantastic blog on all language review -thank you Mrs Claassen!)

Paper 2:

Shakespeare On-line - essay prep (scroll down for Twelfth Night)

Good luck everyone!

So....Term 3 is over, thank goodness! Now for a short, but intense Term 4! Hope you are all ready!

Here are some excellent results for Term 3 for English:

Top 10 of Grade 10D:

1. Qadeer Swail - 73.3%
2. Alisa Mbangani - 72.2%
3. Zara Fortuin - 71.1%
    Siyanda Nyabaza - 71.1%
5. Imaan Hendricks - 67.8%
    Arshad Rawoot - 67.8%
7. Kauthar Petersen - 66.7%
    Jason van der Schyff - 66.7%
9. Aqeelah Orrie - 65.6%
    Zaid Majiet - 65.6%
    Rafiek Jacobs- 65.6%

Great improvements by: Arshad Rawoot, Siyanda Nyabaza, Mimi Mbuyi, Alisa Mbangani, Saadiq Khan, Imaan Hendricks and Junaid Albertyn.

Well done everyone!

Right, Grade 10s.

I am going to try my very best to upload as many study guides, slideshows and website links for English that should be of use to you.

If you would particularly like something specific, for example, information on a certain poem that we study, please don't hesitate to ask.


Below are some study guides for TWELFTH NIGHT. Just click on the link and it will take you to the website.
1. A student's view on Twelfth Night

This will take you to many slideshows for Twelfth Night

2. Transactional and Essay Writing Guide

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